Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Look Who Showed Her Face!

But it wasn't for long.
The clouds took over quickly.
But this was a great reward for going to the gym after work!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Images to Make Us Stop

This is the sign on the Women's at the Silver Cloud.
Do they have any idea how odd that sounds?

A break in the rain this afternoon brightened 
 our courtyard on this dreary sheets of rain day.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

We Have Been Entertaining

When she isn't working working working, she is cooking dinners
for her friends.  We have had to wear bows on Saturday nights lately.
Last week, our bows matched the Italian flag.
We stayed in our rooms.

This week, Lucy helped our guests feel very much at home.

She took a special attachment to Carol!
She got a lot of attention.
I let her have her night.
I went to sleep on all their coats.

We are Still Here

It has been awhile since the keeper posted anything.
She thinks the blog is about her, but truly, it is about us.  
What we can say about her is that  she has been 
working, working, working.
What we can say about us is that we are fine and living the good life.

Lucy controls the tv and her afternoon soaps.

I sleep in the keeper's bed. 

We play in our boxes with our catnip and toys.

Life is good when you aren't working, working, working. 
The keeper should take a page from our book!

Monday, November 6, 2017

So Much for Being Verified Fans

She signed on as a Verified Fan and felt really important
when they notified her that she would be one 
of those selected to choose pre-sale tickets for THE show.
Hours before the appointed magic moment she had set up everything, she had contacted her friends, found their no go dates, price ranges,  and was all set for the deal.
The moment came, and it seems that a lot of other Verified Fans had done the same thing.
At some point--like 5 minutes in, the system crashed, and no one she knew got any tickets.
It seems like a bit of a con job to us!
And the first shall be last....
Regular sales open tomorrow in the middle of the work day!!!
Will she try again?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

El Otoño

We probably won't be going out for a while.
The raccoons have claimed the back yard.

So have the leaves that look like so many 
soggy toasted corn flakes carpeting our play area.

And we haven't gone to the new front yard either,
The squirrels have already re-positioned their treasures out there.

Our 2018 Halloween Costumes

The keeper took advantage of some Post Halloween sales 
and bought us each a Halloween collar.
Of course by next year we know you will forget what we 
were wearing today, and so will we.  

But she was way more excited about this than we were.