Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lobby Art

The Hotel Naura is a great spot. 
Full of art, local organic  food and spirits,  native artisanry,
And amazing sculpture art out of found materials which highlight the life of the country...
Well educated, thoughtful, and wild people, sheep. 
I have yet to find any pony art.

A visit to the in house spa

And after a long afternoon of touring, we retired to our hotel's very nice spa.
And the cameras stayed in the room!

At Holfoi

We visited Holfoi where Reagan and Gorbachov met.

The pieces of the fallen Berlin Wall are part of the monument.

At Perlan

We visited the Perlman which is close to our hotel.  the highest point in town with a 360 degree view of the city.  And wonderful sculptures. 

This sculpture is called The Dance.

We sayed on the deck as long as possible.

At Seltjarnarnes

We went down to the sea to see the place they putrefying the national delicacy--shark.
The people handling it have to leave all their close in the building and wash themselves in the sea to rid themselves of the putirifed smell.

Folks were kitesurfing.

At Hallgrimskirkja

Midst 40 mph wind gusts we visited the Lutheran cathedral which towers over the city.

It is elegant in its simplicity. 

The organ has over 5000 pipes.

The baptistry has icey crystal.

Intermittent Blue Sky and 40 mph winds!

The colors of Reykjavik