Monday, June 26, 2017

Evening Camino

We were told today there would be diversions.
And that we were not to create any diversionary tactics of our own--
like run outside when they forgot to shut the door.
House cleaners.
But they never came.  Car trouble, we heard.
So we spent the day alone enjoying the onshore flow, 
to quote a friend. 

She left us as soon as she got home.
She came back after four miles of walking.
she discovered a few new look out points and gardens 
tucked into Sheridan Hills.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Two of us spent Sunday inside of the house.
She told us it was cooler.  
We would have liked to be able to make that judgement for ourselves.
We just had to take it all on faith.
So far, her word is good.

But Oliver lounged under the fan. Don't tell the keeper, though.

And Lucy sprawled out under the window breeze. 

Camino to the Swing under the Trees

The keeper did go out, but she did not venture  very far walking today.
Unlike us, at least she got out. 
She repaired to her cocoon swing under the shady canopy of trees.
She read and swung, perhaps napped a bit.
We couldn't tell you for sure, since we had to stay inside.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Congratulations Kate

She didn't rush home from the cemetery.
Instead she headed to a party for Kate who graduated from high school
and will be studying Criminal Justice at PSU in the fall.
She actually started college last year while finishing high school.
Kate's a smart one, she is!

A visit to Calvary

We all played together once she got home.
But not for long. She was off again--this time to a cemetery
to see her friend's new headstone/marker.
We suggested she bring flowers.
she thought that was a splendid idea.

Then she went to the place she is going to be buried. 
It has a lake and mountain view, we hear. 
We probably won't be around by the time she will need it, though.
Maybe we can join her there if they would move us all from Kittyrood.
No one would really have to know, would they?

Early Camino

This morning we had breakfast but she went walking down to the LAKE.
The roses took on a delicate porcelain quality  in the morning light.

On the eve of the birth of JTB

We should know by now that when we get extra food 
before she leaves for the day, this means she will not come home on time to feed us.
Tonight was like last night. 
She told us she had been to the celebration of the restoration of a painting/mural that had been plastered to the wall of the baptistry.
The painter actually painted 50-100 paintings/year for 50-6- years.
He was also an episcopal priest. His grandson came and told stories.So did the head of collections at The Frye. 
So did the restorer and the man who supervised it being peeled of of the wall.
She came home with the scent of salmon, asparagus, and chicken on skewers.
We only had kitty kibble.